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Imperia Tourist Guide

Imperia is the provincial capital of Riviera di Ponente, also called "Riviera dei fiori". Born as an industrial city and today converted into a tourist town, Imperia offers its visitors breathtaking panoramic views and a wide variety of attractions for every type of need.


In Imperia you can live extraordinary moments between the sea and the sky, where every day the sun is a show that repeats itself.

Open air, sea, sports, food and wine.

Imperia is the art of fine italian living.


Currently Imperia has about 43,000 inhabitants.

The territory has a series of valleys and hills covered with olive groves and dotted with numerous small villages.

The coast has beaches with pebbles on Oneglia, Borgo Prino and Borgo Foce. While at Borgo Marina in Porto Maurizio there is a fine sandy beach called "Spiaggia d'Oro" (Golden Beach).


Imperia, a town with two centers

Imperia owes its name to the "Impero" torrent that separates Oneglia from Porto Maurizio once rivals cities.

Porto Maurizio, perched on the promontory of Parasio, was a major economic and commercial center already in the Middle Ages, and is now the touristic reference.


Oneglia, extending over the plain at the mouth of the Impero was founded after year 1000 AD, is becoming in the present days the commercial section of the town.


The tourist visiting Imperia is often surprised because in this town everything is double: there are two historic centers, two markets, two ports.


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Imperia Guide
Interesting and comprehensive guide about Imperia (in italian)
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Map of the town

A detailed map of the town is available here, and can be downloaded on your PC

Main shopping streets

Porto Maurizio:

  • Via Cascione
  • Via XX Settembre
  • Via San Maurizio


  • Via Bonfante
  • Via San Giovanni
  • Via dell'Ospedale
  • Galleria degli Orti


In Imperia there are two public markets:

  1. one in Porto Maurizio, every Monday and Thursday mornings, along Via Cascione, Via XX Settembre, Via San Maurizio and Piazza del Duomo. Food market is open everyday except on Sundays, and it's located close to Teatro Cavour, in Via Cascione
  2. another in Oneglia, every Wednesday and Saturday mornings, along Via and Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Andrea Doria and Via Maresca. Food market is open everyday except on Sundays, and it's located in PIazza Doria.


Supermercati Doro

Address: Piazza Goffredo Mameli, 12

Telephone: 0183 660017

Carrefour Express 

Address: Via XX Settembre, 13

Telephone: 0183 62951

Shopping Centres

Conad Superstore 

Address: Via Giuseppe Airenti, 5

Telephone: 0183 660014


Address: Via XXV Aprile

Telephone: 0183 274890


Address: Via Nazionale (Pontedassio)

Telephone: 0183 779030

Bars, ice cream and pubs

Caffè Pepito

Address: Via Felice Cascione, 31

Telephone: 0183 61865

Avalon Pub

Address: Via Felice Cascione, 14

Telephone: 392 399 0077

Gelateria Acquolina

Address: Via Scarincio, 84

Telephone: 333 737 1553

La Brasiliana Pianeta Caffè

Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 3

Telephone: 0183 211059

Caffè Vittoria

Address: Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 10

Telephone: 0183 60906

Crema di Gelato 

Address: Piazza Dante, 26

Telephone: 0183 273836


A_Grillo Restaurant & Wine

Address: Via Vecchie Carceri 19

Telephone: 0183 880895

Osteria Dell'Olio Grosso

Address: Via Parrasio, 36

Telephone: 0183 60815

Bistrot del Duomo

Address: Via Strafforello, 6

Telephone: 348 231 2497

STRA - Trafficanti di cibi e bevande

Address: Via Strafforello, 24

Telephone: 391 393 3033

Enoteca di Porta Martina

Address: Via Strafforello, 36

Telephone: 373 735 0921

Ristorante L'Armuen

Address: Via San Leonardo, 14

Telephone: 0183 61091


Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 16

Telephone: 0183 666406

Ristorante I Sognatori

Address: Largo Varese, 16

Telephone: 0183 63179

Lanterna Blu

Address: Via Scarincio 32

Telephone: 0183 63859

Nero di seppia

Address: Spianata Luigi Varese, 4

Telephone: 0183 60946

La Foce - Non solo vino

Address: Via Bartolomeo Bossi, 44

Telephone: 0183 651523

Pizzeria la Rustica

Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 37

Telephone: 0183 651269

Oasi La Pizza

Address: Piazza Sant'Antonio, 15

Telephone: 0183 666892

Top Restaurants in Imperia - Porto Maurizio
Here you can download our Top list of preferred restaurants and pizzeria, for each of them the specialty is shown
Elenco ristoranti e specialità.xlsx
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Private Beaches

Bagni Buraxen

Address: Via Giovanni Boine, 2

Telephone: 0183 61722

Il Moletto Beach Bar

Address: Via Banchina Medaglie d’Oro

Telephone: 345 0489252

Spiaggia d'Oro

Address: Banchina Medaglie d'Oro 18

Telephone: 0183 61756

Bagni Oneglio

Address: Via Scarincio, 31

Telephone: 0183 666273

Baia Salata

Address: Via Nino Lamboglia, 1

Telephone: 0183 666514

Public Free Beaches

Foce Beach

Address: Borgo Foce

Telephone: 333 4101773

Sorriso d'Italia

Indirizzo: Banchina Medaglie D'Oro, 6

Telefono: non disponibile

Spiaggia Borgo Prino

Indirizzo: Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo

Telefono: 342 502 2207

Spiaggia Libera Borgo Prino - Via Lamboglia

Indirizzo: Via Lamboglia

Telefono: non disponibile


Museo Navale del Ponente Ligure

Address: via Scarincio 2-4

Telephone: 0183 651541

Museo Arte Contemporanea Imperia (MACI)

Address: viale G. Matteotti 151

Telephone: 0183 297927

Museo dell'olivo

Address: Via Garessio, 13

Telephone: 0183 295762

Museo del Clown (Villa Grock)

Address: via Fanny Roncati Carli

Telephone: 0183 704211