Via Parasio, 38

18100 Imperia


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How to reach us

The home is located in Via Parasio 38, in the historical center of Porto Maurizio, in the highest square of this medieval neighborhood, from where it is possible to dominate the whole town with a magnificent sea view.


Everything is walking distance: beaches and shops can be easily reached on foot.

My advice is to park the car and move on foot.


The nearest beaches are about 500m on foot using the various and panoramic stairs that start from the square towards the sea.

A convenient system of 3 FREE public elevators allows you to reach them in comfort.


To reach the home by car, drive along the Motorway A10 Genova-Ventimiglia and, if coming from Genova, please exit at Imperia Est highway toll booth, in about 5 km you will be at home.

Please find below a Google map showing the fastest way by car from Imperia Est highway toll booth to Casa Mira Parasio, which address is Via Parasio 38.

Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

The house is within the Parasio ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone, or Zona a Traffico Limitato), which means that you can enter and exit with the car every day, but only during the hours:

  • from 08:00 to 10:00
  • from 15:00 to 17:00
  • from 19:00 to 01:00

Park is forbidden, but stop is allowed, as long as you stay within such timeframes.


Our guests are allowed to access all day long the ZTL and to arrive directly at home for unloading and loading luggage, limited to the days of arrival and departure. These days you are allowed to access h24, independently  of the writing on the display.

It must still be given prior notice to the Municipal Police of Imperia for your departure day and the day of arrival.

If you give me your car model, the license plate numbers, the name and last name of the owner of the vehicle, and the arrival and departure days, I can take care of the communication.

Basically your plate number will be inserted in The Municipal Police Database that controls the access to the ZTL. Limitedly to the days of arrival and departure, this database "knows" that you have the permission to enter and exit the ZTL, so you won't get any fine.


Please note that this "pass" that I asked for you, is not a parking permission, but simply an access permission in order to arrive directly at home (which is inside the ZTL) for loading and unloading your baggage.

Then you will have to park your car outside the ZTL.


Motorbikes don't need any pass for entering the ZTL, so all motorbikes are allowed to enter and exit the ZTL at anytime. This means also that you can park your motorbike inside the ZTL in the specific parking areas reserved for motorcycles, so much closer to home (about 50 meters).

We suggest to park your motorbike in Via Achille Vianelli, close to street number 28.


The Parasio ZTL begins at Piazza Miradore (at about 750 meters by car from home), where at the intersection with Via Achille Vianelli you will find the information panels, the electronic display, and the video camera that controls the access.

The following streets are all within the ZTL:

  • Via Achille Vianelli
  • Via San Leonardo
  • Via Carceri Vecchie
  • Piazza dei Consoli
  • Via Parasio (where Casa Mira Parasio lies)

Please note that ZTL is controlled by cameras at the entrance, and anyone who enters or leaves the ZTL outside of the permitted hours will be fined a fine of around 80 euros.

  • If the electronic display shows "VARCO ATTIVO", you will NOT be able to enter
  • If the electronic display shows "VARCO NON ATTIVO", you can enter. Remember to leave the ZTL always within the allowed times.
ZTL Parasio entrance at Piazza Miradore, corner with Via Achille Vianelli
ZTL Parasio entrance at Piazza Miradore, corner with Via Achille Vianelli

Parking areas

There are various options for parking:

  • Free parking area (white strips) in the following streets (around 300 meters from home):
    • Piazza Miradore
    • Via Elia Benza
    • Via P. B. Silorata
    • Via Carlo Botta
    • Corso Aurelio Saffi
    • Via Battaglione Alpini Pieve di Teco (about 1000 meters from home), very close to the old Porto Maurizio railway station.
    • Lungomare Marinai d'Italia, (about 1300 meters from home), interesting option especially when in summer high season. The parking area is very large and is completely free.
  • Toll Parking areas (blue strips) in the following streets:
    • Piazza Duomo and surroundings (about 300 meters from home), the tariff rate is 1.50€/hour from Mondays through Saturdays (8:30 - 12:30 and 14:30 – 18:30) while in the other timeframes is free
    • Underground car park in Piazza Duomo (about 300 meters from home), the tariff rate is 1.50€/hour
    • Piazza Mameli (about 600 meters from home), the tariff rate is 1.50€/hour

All these car parks are not guarded.

All parking areas marked horizontally in blue are toll parking, which means that you have to pay for parking your car. After having parked your car, look for the nearest ticket machine, and then pay for the timeframe you need to park.


Now there’s a smart way indeed you can pay for the parking in toll public car parks with your cell phone or your smartphone, called Easypark

The Municipality of Imperia aims to facilitate citizens and tourists in the payment of parking in the blue strips, providing an advanced service that will allow, among other things, to prolong the stop in a simple and convenient way, without necessarily having to go to the parking lot, but avoiding any possible penalties for ticket expiration.

The Easypark system is the easiest way to pay for your stay with your cell phone and smartphone. It's a completely free App, with an innovative and smart look.


Just a few simple steps to start using the service:

  • register through the EasyPark App (available free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or through the website, or by calling the n.;
  • purchase a parking credit, rechargeable, by credit card, including prepaid credit cards, Visa or Mastercard, or PayPal or Bank Transfer;
  • put the appropriate EasyPark window sticker on the windscreen.

To activate, extend, end and pay for parking, you can use the EasyPark App, easy and intuitive, or access your personal area available on the site, or use the interactive automatic answering service by calling from the registered mobile phone.

The information required to start the stop are:

  • the 'parking area code', automatically available on the EasyPark App, activating the geolocation and clicking "View map", or visible on the parking meters
  • the vehicle registration plate number
  • the estimated time of end of stay, which may be extended or interrupted early in return by car.


Parking enforcement officers can verify the correct activation of the stop by checking the license plate of the car.

Bus Timetables

Bus Timetable in Imperia
Bus Timetable of all urban lines in the town of Imperia
Tascabile_Urbano_Imperia Inverno 2022-23
Documento Adobe Acrobat 73.8 KB
Bus Timetable from Sanremo to Andora
Bus Timetable of the line 12, that connects Sanremo to Andora, passing through Imperia
Tascabile_Andora Inverno 2022-23.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat 70.9 KB

In the following map, it's shown the position of Imperia Porto Maurizio main bus stop, which name is "Pensilina", at about 700 meters from home 

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To reach the house by train, use the new Imperia railway station, which is about 3 km from the home and where every Intercity and Regional train from Milan, Turin, Genoa, Rome and Nice stops. 

To get to the home from the train station, we recommend taking a taxi, which you can find out of the station: the price of the ride is around 10-15 Euros.

Liguria Trains Timetable (valid until 10th june 2023)
Train timetable of all trains running in Liguria
Documento Adobe Acrobat 4.4 MB


The nearest airport is Nice-Côte d'Azur, about 90 km away. Nice is served by many international direct destinations.

Genova Airport is about 110 km away